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Asseng et al. (2015): 
Rising heat reduces global wheat production. Nature Climate Change 5 (2), 143–147.


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For daily time steps, MONICA calculates all processes that interact with the bio-chemical turn-over of carbon and nitrogen in soil and with their transport in soil, air and plant. A broad range of variables being of interest for the user can be accessed day-by-day. This could be easily measureable items, such as soil moisture, carbon and nitrogen contents, the crop’s biomass or yield. These quantities are well suited to evaluate the performance of the MONICA  simulations. However, MONICA also shows items that can only be quantified with great effort, such as nitrogen mineralisation from crop residues or organic fertilisers, NH3-, N2O- and CO2 emission from soil, denitrification, potential groundwater recharge, crop evapotranspiration or the leaching of nitrates into deeper soil layers.

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